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Getting an unconditional letter of admission in any University or College requires some documents which students needs to fulfill. Failure of not comply the requirements causes delays in the applications, or may get refusal of admission from respective College OR University. Member of staff at Professionals Consultants carefully deals with each case and guide students accordingly in the right direction. Most of the Colleges and Universities have similar admission requirements but few institutes OR courses may require extra documentation. Professional & Trained Cousellor at Professionals Consultants guide students about specific course requirement and prepare applications according to the Institute requirements, which in result of high success of admission in desire university OR College.Students are required to understand the admission of different level for different destination

Undergraduate Pathway Admission in Australia, Canada, UK, USA & Holland

Admission in Foundation course & Year 1 entry course requires fewer documents than direct admission in Undergraduate course. Professionals Consultants Private Limited is an authorize representative of all five Major Educational groups (Cambridge, Kaplan, Study Group, INTO &Navitas). Professionals Consultants arrange an offer in desire pathway course in 48-72 hours. Students can get their offer without submission of statement of Purpose, Reference letter and application fee or UCAS fee. Students could also get an offer on basis of predicted grades. For more information, please contact to staff member at Professionals Consultants office.

Research Applications

Applicant interested for applying into Research degree must have 17 years of education & minimum 3 years professional experience. Applicants are required to submit brief Research proposal with strong Bibliography. Research application may take 6 weeks to get processed. Students are advice to contact the Research Supervisor in respective University at first stage to discuss their Research intention than submit their Research proposal. Professionals Consultants staff member could help students to select the University and advise them about available Research opportunity over there.

Postgraduate application USA

Although application for Postgraduate studies in USA has become simpler than before but many American Universities asked students to get evaluate their academic documents from recognized bodies in USA before their assessment. Students can send their certified copies to World Education Services (WES) for evaluation, which may take 2-4 weeks. WES ask applicant to pay their evaluation fee in advance through online OR other method to get their documents evaluate. Professionals Consultants staff member would advise applicant about the requirements prior their application process.