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A warm welcome here …

‘Study Abroad’ is about the journey you will begin to gain knowledge and the experience to build yourself and the future you are planning now.

This journey might be about pushing your limits and venturing beyond your own bubble of comfort zone but sacrificing today is for your bright future.

We do have fears but it is a very positive sign to be afraid because it’s not the enemy. To gain the knowledge and grow, you need to be uncomfortable to overcome all the fears and doubts.

It’s about learning and evaluating yourself during the entire route to overcome the short falls which would make you a better person. You would develop both personally and professionally from this journey.

On the way, you would explore new people, cultures, languages and challenges, which would enable you to expand your horizons. You would be proud on your own cultural sensitivity and demonstrate in the company of other international students who do not share the similar background.

I would close by saying that ‘Study Abroad’ provides you the wisdom and strength. To gain necessary skills in personal and professional development, this journey will bring your true passion to the forefront.

S. M. Amjad

Your Futures Partner

The Professionals is one of the leading company who recruit Pakistan and International students across the globe. Specialized in all key factors of recruitment process, the experienced team not only processes the admission in the required subject within the budget but also plays vital role in visa application and interview preparation which is the most important factor to ‘Study Abroad’.

Key Features

A Global Student Recruitment Company, who’s professional, qualified and experienced team counsel students in pursuing their higher studies abroad for degrees/post graduations/diplomas with basics of the foundation course, if necessary, for pursuing a career path. It assists students in selecting their preferred educational institutes with accurate, comprehensive, and updated information within their set budget, fee transfer assistance, language proficiency test preparation, visa, accommodation, insurance and travel all under one roof.

Genuine Consultants

A legally registered company in Pakistan representing to over 910+ educational institutes globally where all the student’s profiles and information are kept confidential as per the law.


We secure our student’s future and are committed to providing reliable information and keeping to our promise. From academics to career counseling we ensure high-quality consultation. We have a 100% success rate of admission and visa.


  • Student Counseling
  • University Selection
  • Course Selection
  • Country Selection
  • Career Guidance
  • English Proficiency
  • Admission Process
  • Overseas Health Insurance
  • Fee Transfer Assistance
  • Visa Application
  • Interview Preparation
  • Travel Plan
  • Air Ticket
  • Accomodation Arrangement
  • Airport Pickup

You Always Get the Best Guidance

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Our Services

Our services will take you to a next level. The Professionals Consultants has an edge being an Educational Consultant in the Study Abroad as it provides all services needed. For the same reason we call ourselves as the 360 degrees solution provider.

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